the boundary

the critics spoke,

and at first she listened.


and at first she defended,

and at first she questioned,

and at first she wondered why.


the one that was so quiet,

had so much to say,

behind the safety of another.


criticism to be passed from one,

to another,

to her.


but to her it was

a critic.


and she could no longer

see the line drawn


the constructive

and the afraid.


and when


she realised she had

only considered “i”

and not “they”

and not how what “they” said

reflected “them”

and not “her”


she picked up the pencil


and drew the line


and placed those whose


reflected “them”

and not “her”

on one side,


and those who could


“her” challenge

on the other.


beside her.


because what

those on the other side

had said

had never really reflected


but “them”,


and she no longer

would be reduced

for their comfort.


– a.



7 thoughts on “the boundary

  1. Reblogged this on lexa and commented:
    I would love this post even if you weren’t my beautiful niece. But the fact that you are, makes me love it even more.

    Keep on being authentic and sassy and I hope others go and check out your (new) blog and get as much out of your powerful words as I do.

    Critics criticise that which they don’t understand.
    That which is beyond them.
    And which makes them look inferior.


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